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Baccarat – Learn About and Play Baccarat at Online Casinos

Baccarat is a card game with an air of mystery and intrigue in brick and mortar casinos, often played for high stakes in its own private room. In online casinos, its a game that can be found with much lower table minimums, revealing its true nature as something that can be enjoyed by all kinds of players because it requires no skill at all. In every hand of baccarat, two hands are dealt: A player hand and a banker hand. Players have the choice of betting on either hand or on the possibility that the hands will tie. Both hands are played out by the dealer, who follows very specific rules about drawing cards as each hand tries to get closest to a value of eight or nine.

Since no decisions are required after the initial wagers are made, baccarat is actually an easy game for beginners to learn. The only things that need to be kept in mind are that the tie bet holds a big house edge since it pays out at much lower odds than the true chances of a tie hand occurring, and that any bets on the banker hand must pay a small commission. The commission is one of the trickiest things to keep track of on a physical baccarat table, but it comes out of a player's funds automatically in online casino play, making it barely even a nuisance.

Even with its more inclusive style online, baccarat is occasionally still available in online casinos at tables with high table maximums. These tables tend to be in VIP areas that aren't accessible to most players, and admission to them is usually by invitation only. Most high roller types prefer to play for big money in physical casinos, but the option is there for them to do their thing online on some sites.

Beginners will want to steer clear of the big games anyway until they have the rules and procedures of the game down. As mentioned above, there is little strategy involved because baccarat players don't make any decisions while the hand is in progress. Avoiding the tie bet is a good idea, as is ignoring any information the game may provide about which hands have won recently. Since online baccarat hands play out according to a random number generator, the odds are the same on every hand. Simply finding a table that will allow a bankroll to cover 20 hands or so at the minimum bet is usually sufficient.