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Blackjack – Tips for Playing Blackjack at Online Casinos

Though many card games are newer or flashier, blackjack continues its long reign as the most popular table game in the world. That's true in online casinos as well, where it can be found in many different forms. All of them come from the same foundation, though, which is the game of 21 that is familiar to most people. Blackjack is played with one or more standard decks of 52 cards, with every card worth its face value except for face cards, which are worth 10, and aces, which can count as one or 11 as needed. The goal is to win by getting as close as possible to 21 without going over, or busting, while also beating the dealer's hand. Players can take as many cards as they like, while the dealer must abide by specified guidelines to play his or her hand. And when the dealer busts, everyone left in the hand wins.

Winning hands pay out at a 1:1 ratio, except for blackjacks – an ace and a face card in the first two cards – which pay out at higher rates. Playing at online casinos makes betting and asking for more cards easier, since both can be done with a simple click or two. The online game also helps new players understand the more advanced options of the game, including doubling down, splitting hands of two similar cards and taking insurance when the dealer has an ace. There are also many resources on the internet for learning the basic strategy of blackjack, which has been tested by computer simulations over millions of hands to help people know the mathematically correct play in any situation. Following the basic strategy charts can help reduce the house edge in blackjack to under one percent, one of the big reasons for blackjack's continuing popularity.

When playing blackjack online for the first time, it's important to remember not to bet too much on any one hand, as even with the low house edge, a player's hand is only expected to win about 48 percent of the time on average. At the same time, flat betting, or never increasing the size of one's bet, is also a poor way to try to win money. Instead, it's best to find a table with a low minimum bet and use a progressive strategy: Increase the bet by a small amount after each winning hand and return to the minimum after a loss.

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