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Roulette – Learn About and Play Roulette at Online Casinos

It may not have the constantly rotating wheel and the ball flying wildly around in the opposite direction, but roulette played at online casinos is just as simple to play as the physical game it simulates. Roulette is an easy game for beginners to learn, as the basics are quite simple. On each spin, the ball will settle onto a number between one and 36, with a single zero or a zero and double zero also possibilities. Every player can wager on the numbers individually (or straight up, in the game's slang), or in groups of two or four, with the payouts going down in relation to the amount of numbers each bet covers. Those wagers are called inside bets, and a player's total amount of inside bets must meet or exceed the game's table minimum on each spin.

Less risky but also less profitable bets can be made on the outside of the betting area. These includes bets on the color (black or red), even or odd numbers, and different sections or columns of the layout. One of the most intimidating aspects of playing the game in a physical casino, actually reaching out and placing all the bets in time, is no problem when enjoying online roulette. Clicking on the correct spot on the layout is usually all that's required to place a wager, and most online casinos have tools to help identify where bets can be placed and the payouts when they hit.

Another aspect of roulette that makes it simple to pick up is that there is no mathematically correct set of rules to follow. Some players like to cover one section of the layout, such as the middle 12 numbers, hoping to take advantage of a cluster of numbers that may hit more often. Others like to place bets on the outside and then let the money ride for one or two more spins after a win. The most important thing to remember is not to get too drawn in by the numbers that have hit recently, as in the long run, every number on an online roulette wheel has an equal chance of coming up on any particular spin.

Money management is also easy in roulette. Finding a table with the proper minimum bet is key, as a $100 bankroll will go quickly at a $25 minimum table. Look for a table that will provide at least 20 spins for the money used to buy in, and concentrate on playing some numbers on the inside consistently. Supplement that with outside bets only when ahead to maximize time played.