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Slots – Learn About and Play Slot Machines at Online Casinos

Except for maybe neon signs and all-you-can-eat buffets, few things are as synonymous with casino gambling as slot machines. They make up the bulk of the equipment on any casino floor, and that's true for online casinos just like it is for their brick and mortar counterparts. Slots are the one game literally anyone can play, as there's no messy math or decision making involved. Simply find a machine, insert money and start spinning the reels. Online slots are controlled by a random number generator, making the virtual reels really just a part of the show. In any case, the goal of any spin on just about every slot machine is the same: Match three or more like symbols across a valid payline to win. The most obvious paylines are straight across, but modern machines increasingly have dozens of paylines that zig and zag across the reels. Fortunately, every slot has a pay table that explains everything.

Bonus rounds are also a big part of the attraction of online slots, giving players a chance to win more money, showing off all kinds of game mechanics and often incorporating animation, video and other fun stuff. It's important to remember that while some bonus rounds seem like they might count on skill, this is only an illusion, and bonuses are subject to the same random number generator as normal spins. Progressive slot machines are also very popular, giving players a chance at a bigger jackpot by linking up with other machines to share a joint prize pool.

Because of their simplicity, there's no real strategy to playing slots successfully. Slots players tend to be a superstitious bunch, which may make sense since it's all down to luck. Finding a machine that suits the individual is the key to having the most fun, and it's not hard to do since slots come in hundreds, maybe even thousands of varieties.

One tip to keep in mind when planning a slots bankroll is that lower denomination machines are usually set to pay back (that is, return the money to players in the form of payouts or jackpots) at a lower percentage than higher ones. That means that even though a $100 bankroll may seem like it would last longer at a penny machine, the higher payouts at a nickel machine can sometimes be worth the additional risk on each spin. On progressive machines, it's important to take note of the maximum number of credits that can be wagered at once, as the top prizes generally can't be won unless max credits are played.

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