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Video Poker – Learn About and Play Video Poker at Online Casinos

Combining the ease and speed of slots with the thrills of drawing a winning poker hand, video poker can be rightfully thought of as the best of both worlds. It's also a game that translates well to online casino play since it is already played on a video screen. At it's essence, video poker is about making the best poker hand possible with five cards – usually from a standard, 52-card deck, but sometimes with jokers. A minimum hand is necessary to win anything for your wager, often a pair of jacks, with payouts increasing on up to the ultimate hand, which is usually a royal flush. Like slots, video poker machines mostly accept wagers of multiple units (for instance, $1 to $5 on a $1 machine), with the top payouts reserved for hitting the biggest hands while playing the maximum number of credits.

On each hand, the player has the choice to either hold or discard each of the five cards dealt. In online casinos, there is usually an on-screen button to click for each card held, and another large button to click to deal replacements for anything discarded. After the hand is complete, some machines offer a bonus round where winnings on the previous hand can be wagered again in a wide variety of different games. Though there are dozens of different varieties of video poker machines, the most important thing to pick out on any of them is the minimum hand needed to win. For common versions of the game, mathematically correct strategies can be found online to determine exactly which cards to keep in the hope of maximizing the chances at one of the best hands.

Though it can be tempting to play for the minimum number of credits to extend a bankroll, video poker payouts are tilted even more toward the house on anything less than the maximum. With that in mind, it makes sense to judge a bankroll based on the maximum for any video poker machine. For example, a $40 video poker bankroll might seem well suited for a 25-cent machine, but at five credits a spin, it actually costs $1.25 to play with the best payouts. A five-cent machine might be better suited in that case, as playing at the maximum would then costs $0.25 per spin. The only other thing to keep in mind is to find a machine with a fun theme, as online video poker can vary widely in terms of graphics and sound.