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Manage Your Bankroll and Play for Longer

Everyone knows someone who went and placed all of their gambling money on black or red at the roulette table and risked it all on a single spin. It's a nice way to double up quickly if it works, but since the chances of winning are slightly under 50 percent, it's never a wise move. For the rest of us, figuring out ways to make our gambling bankrolls last longer and get more time at the tables or machines is always a priority. If anything, it's even more important to manage your gambling bankroll carefully at an online casino, because the games make it easier and faster to place wagers than their physical counterparts.

The single most important guideline to bankroll management is to select a game with the right denomination or table limits for the money you want to gamble. Let's say you have $200 to play blackjack online. Taking that money to a $50 table could see it wiped out in just four hands, perhaps even faster if splits or doubles come into play. A $10 table would make the money last much longer, getting some decent play time out of it even if you lose four or five hands in a row. Machine games like slots and video poker work somewhat differently, but the overriding principle of playing at the proper limits remains the same.

A common mistake made by beginning gamblers is to raise your bets after some losses in the hopes of getting back even, which is also called chasing your losses. Chasing is always a bad idea, as it risks even more in the process, making your losses many times worse if it fails – which it will more than half the time. A better strategy is to increase your bets while you are winning, sometimes referred to as a progressive betting system. That way you are playing with the house's money, as the extra money risked comes from the amount you've already won from the casino.

Having the discipline to quit during the times you are ahead or before your entire bankroll is wiped out is also key. In fact, discipline is what ties all of these concepts together, and the single best trait a player can have to make his or her money last longer. It's tough in the heat of the moment, but finding your inner discipline is bound to increase your enjoyment of the time you spend frequenting online casinos.