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Understanding the Rules of Casino Games – Tips for Beginners

The fastest way to kiss your money goodbye when playing at an online casino is not to know what you are doing. Brick and mortar casinos have dealers for table games and slot attendants, and even though those casinos want your money, they will usually look out for you enough that you won't lose it all in one shot unless you appear you know what the risks are. Not so at an online casino, where the responsibility is pretty much yours and yours alone. Every game has its own rules, and we can't cover them all here, but there are some basics that every new player should take to heart before plunging into real money gambling online.

One of the core concepts of the rules of casino games is the idea of betting limits: the minimum and maximum amounts you can wager at one time. For slot machines and video poker, these amounts are called the denomination of the machines. On table games like blackjack and roulette, the number people discuss is the minimum bet, so you can't play for $10 at a $15 blackjack table. In online casinos, there's virtually no chance that you can violate these rules because the software that runs the games won't allow you to place bets that are outside the limits. Still, it's important to know what they are so you don't lose a lot more money than you were expecting in a single spin or hand.

Another important idea involves payouts and probabilities. Every wager at every game has its own payout, and those can even vary within the same game depending on the circumstances. For example, a $10 blackjack bet wins $10 if the dealer busts, but it can win $15 if you are dealt a blackjack. The singular truth that ties all of the myriads of wagers in an online casino together is that the more a bet pays out if it wins, the less likely it is to happen. Understanding this principle can help you figure out where and when to wager your money more effectively based on how much you are willing to risk for a smaller chance at a larger reward.

There are plenty of rules to learn for individual games as well. Some of the most popular are covered in brief elsewhere on this site, but there are hosts of resources available with just a simple web search, many for free. A good online casino should also have tutorials or help functions to explain the rules while playing, so look for that too.